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Tree Village

Designed primarily for student housing, the 15m high Tree Village is planned on a minimal 12m square footprint to fit a mature landscape with tall trees. Its structure is made up of a cluster of small steel vertical columns or 'reeds' that echo the surrounding natural vertical architecture whilst reducing foundation disturbance to tree roots and vegetation.
An open core space contains the central lift shaft and stairway surrounded by thirty micro compact homes. These are supplied with power and water from an internal ring of vertical services 'reeds'. The micro compact homes are arranged around the core in a way to provide maximum transparency and openness for nature to penetrate the space.
The roof of one unit becomes an extension into nature, a landscape viewing platform for the micro compact home above.
A proposal for a university location in central Europe, this project would be funded, similarly to the O2 village, by a corporate organisation on land provided by the university or the state.